to the limit – reach your goals together with finis fitness


Personal Training means a holistic health management to me. In addition to the actual personal training sessions I am trying to give advice and guidance to my clients in every aspect of their lives.


The custom-made training program for more strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination is Personal Training on the highest level. A very essential contribution to your health goals is a unique care and guidance. It’s your choice where and when you’d like to train or do something good for your health: at your home, at your place of work, outdoors in a nearby park, in a fitness club, on a business trip or on vacation.


Your TOP 5 advantages with finis fitness are:

  • time-wise and local flexibility
  • custom-made training programs
  • more motivation and fun doing sports
  • reach your fitness goals faster
  • achieve visible and palpable successes


This is how finis fitness works:

  • Every training session is instructed professionally and adapted individually – no monotonous mishmash!
  • You will train effectively and efficiently – no waste of time!  
  • Natural and functional movement patterns will be combined in your trainings exclusively.
  • Your workouts will vary all the time – no boring training routines!
  • The training targets at a broadly conceived fitness: strength & power, endurance & stamina, quickness, flexibility and coordination – no mindless ”iron eating“!
  • You will fight for honest sweat – no jigs!
  • You will train in a private and motivating atmosphere – no mass processing!
  • You will achieve measurable and long-lasting successes – no empty promises!
  • finis fitness – no excuses!

Don’t show up late. Don’t try to slide out early. Don’t cheat your rep counts. And definitely, don’t hold back. Leave it all in the gym!


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