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Personal Training for everybody in Berlin, Germany

The custom-made training program for more strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination is Personal Training on the highest level. A very essential contribution to your health goals is a unique care and guidance. It’s your choice where and when you’d like to work out: at your home, in a fitness club or outdoors in a nearby park. Every Personal Training session lasts from 60 to 75 minutes and includes assisted stretching for more flexibility at the end of every session. Prices upon request.


Personal Training for Athletes

Do you suffer from a severe injury and want to get fit as soon as possible? I help you with targeted exercizes and with dosed intensities to recover faster than others.

Are you healthy and want to prevent major injuries in the future. Then I help you also with selected exercizes to prepare your body for unforeseen situations.

In rehabilitation after injuries and as a preventive measure Personal Training has proven to be a highly efficient method.  


Couple’s Personal Training

Would you like to train together with your partner or friend under professional guidance? Then the “Couple’s Personal Training” is your best choice! You spend a great time together with your loved ones, motivate each other and sweat together towards your personal goals. Apply today!

Duration: 60-75 min.


The Wedding Package

Do you belong to the happily enamored persons who will tie the knot soon? Would you like to cut an elegant figure in your bridal dress and suit? Then book the wedding package today! In 16 intensive training sessions within two months (including diet plan) I will bring you in top form and guarantee that you’ll be top fit and look extremely splendid on the most important day in your life!

Prices upon request.


Pregnancy & post-pregnancy program “Fit with Kid”

Do you expect another family member and aren’t sure which exercises you can do during pregnancy without any doubts? Let me help you! You’ll be surprised what you can do according to newest scientific research to facilitate birth. The more you do before birth the faster and easier you’ll return to your former form and fitness. “fifi’s Fit with Kid” program helps you with it. Do sports without relinquishing your most precious – before delivery and after. I’ll come to your place and then let’s go!


Fitness & Wellness Workshops in the nature

Personal Training, movement and relaxation with a unique nature experience are central in this two-day workshop. Therein you’ll experience a very healthy lifestyle with the perfect combination of intensive training, healthy food, soothing relaxation, worthwhile infotainment and lots of fresh air on the Mecklenburg Lake District (100 miles north of Berlin). Contact me to receive detailed information!


Active break at work / company fitness

Back trainings in small groups or Personal Training at your workplace – I am ready for you! In an “active break” I will do exercises with you to mobilize your joints and strengthen and stretch your muscles. With this you will loosen tensions, especially in your shoulder and neck area. In addition you will get a better, healthier posture and a strong, pain-free back. In-firm health care devices like this can be set off against tax liability up to 500 Euro per year and employee. Ask your employer! He’ll definitely love to implement “active break sessions” during work! 

Prices upon request.


Personal Training on tour

 I’ll also accompany you on tour if you’d like to have your Personal Trainer on your side. If your are on a concert tour, on a movie set, on a business trip or on vacation this allows you to decide spontaneously to train with me. Ask me! Is your time stingy or are you not living in Berlin? No problem – I can guide you also online, via email or phone. 

Price by arrangement.